AKKURAT Studios acts as an artist-driven production and publishing company. We manage award-winning talent coming from a variety of acknowledged constellations. Working side-by-side with premier brands and agencies to create visionary and outstanding projects.
Feel free to check out AKKURAT Stories. Our in-house content series of fascinating, insightful and inspirational characters from all sorts of backgrounds.
Co-Founder & Managing Director
Co-Founder & Creative Director
Partner & Executive Producer
Project Manager
Directors Representation & Sales
Public Relations (worldwide)
Production Office (Europe)
Selected Press
AKKURAT Services is your creative problem-solver and resourceful partner in the ever-changing challenges that production will come across, for commercials, music videos and features, in Germany and especially in Berlin. In facing those challenges, we have been working with a network of highly experienced suppliers and super skilled technical crews.

In order to offer the best production service to foreign production companies likely to shoot in Germany, AKKURAT relies on a long experience in the advertising universe and a renowned brand value in complex organization of production projects.
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